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Drawing attention to the plight of the frog 

The return to an artistic practice in the period after a significant global event offers a unique perspective about the conditions in which it can exist. 

A new reality requiring a new method of production, where the complex nature of being is traced through process. 

To survive is to adapt; break free from those cosy patterns and evolve.

Undergo the ritual to atone for sins, 2023

Oil, acrylic and charcoal on canvas

110 x 180cm

Abstract painting

The porosity between what is private and what is public, 2023

Oil, acrylic and ink on canvas

110 x 180cm

heather Green Abstract art

Everything that is still (hiding) in this immense treasure 

News articles provide an entry point for the eerie or uncanny, that the title should become its own mark within the painting as much as any brushstroke or pour. Language has significance. Every word or phrase I extract from each story is infused with the social and political concerns contained within it. 

There is a ritual in news reading where I find surprising comfort. I situate myself among the stories of the world while existing in my own.

Vigil, 2023

Oil, acrylic and texture paste on canvas

110 x 180cm


My chest has felt heavy this whole week, 2023

Oil, acrylic, gesso and charcoal on canvas strips

110 x 180cm

Heather Green abstract

I've never made so many people smile like that, 2023

Oil, acrylic and imitation leaf on canvas

110 x 180cm

heather green painting

She always wears a broad smile that masks quiet determination

I have been recognising patterns of anxiety and self doubt, creating a system of rules that allow me to break through moments of hesitation or conflict, and instead establish a foundation of action.

To be in control of something is to have influence over it, to have the power to establish the scope of possibility. I am the authority and every piece is a reflection of my internal battle for control. 

A rare patch of an old forest, 2023

Oil, acrylic, charcoal and raw pigment on canvas

110 x 180cm

Heather Green Painting

I saw a big slug with a cigarette in its mouth

Oil, acrylic, charcoal and raw pigment on canvas

110 x 180cm


On the right side of history, 2022

Oil and gesso on canvas

110 x 180cm

Heather Green Abstract art

A strange competitive edge creeps into the playground

Every piece is an individual, yet across the series there is an undeniable resemblance. Not every piece contains every element of the other, but there is a system of interconnected traits that are gradually expanding into a lineage.

I am challenging conformity and entertaining incoherence.

There is nothing I can't do.

Significant Disruption, 2022

Oil and gesso on canvas

110 x 180cm

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