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At the core of my practice lies a deep engagement with the materiality of paint, its limitations, applications, and inherent potential for reaction. Painting is coloured by the metaphysical frameworks of emotion and information that affect the painter at work. Therefore, paintings are not just pure creations but also responses, both to the physicality of the material and to intuitive interactions with the world.


I am ritualistically engaged with news media, plucking fragments of text from the vast expanse of global narratives, gathering them as potential stimuli to confront and allowing my emotional responses to infuse the layers of paint.

I draw inspiration from Wittgenstein's concept of 'family resemblance,’ celebrating visual diversity in my work while preserving an overarching sense of unity. The canvases adopt anthropomorphic qualities, mirroring the stature of my own form. I allow each piece to develop its own identity exploring the interplay between conformity and incoherence, and inviting the viewer to participate in my exploration of the peculiarities of contemporary human existence.

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